unit 5 lab your five

п»їLab five

1 . Precisely what is the purpose of the address resolution protocol (ARP)? The purpose of ARP is to convert IP details to Ethernet addresses installment payments on your What is the goal of the powerful host control protocol (DHCP)? DHCP is actually a method for assigning IP address to person machines within an organization. The IP address can be given permanently or temporary. three or more. What was the DHCP given source IP host addresses for the " Student” VM and Target VM? 172. 40. 0. some – Pupil VM (Ubuntu)

172. 30. zero. 8 – Target VM (Windows)

4. When you pinged the targeted IP host, the thing that was the source IP address and vacation spot IP address in the ICMP echo-request packet? Resource: 172. 40. 0. two

Target: 172. 31. 0. almost eight

your five. Did the targeted IP host react to the ICMP echo-request packet with a great ICMP echo-reply packet? If you do, how a large number of ICMP echo-request packets had been sent back for the IP source? Yes, 8 packets.

6. Locate a TCP three-way handshake for the Telnet, FTP, or SSH session. Precisely what is the significance of the TCP three-way handshake? Three way handshake is needed to establish a reliable connection between computer systems. The handshake allows client to server communications to agree on secureness protocols to get security and reliability. 7. What was the SEQ# with the initial VISION TCP box and ACK# of the SYN ACK TCP packet? `The SEQ# can be 0 pertaining to the initial VISION TCP plus the SYN ACK is ACK# 1 almost 8. During the instructor's Telnet program to LOCAL AREA NETWORK Switch 1 and LOCAL AREA NETWORK Switch two, what was the captured fatal password to get LAN Change 1 and LAN Move 2? Presently there captured password was " cisco” for both LAN switches. being unfaithful. When the instructor used SSH to slightly access a Cisco router, were you able to view the terminal pass word? Why or perhaps why not? Not any, the connection was encrypted along with the pass word. 10. What other IP bouts are on the VLAN and Ethernet LOCAL AREA NETWORK segment? How can these other IP packets offer additional indications or advice about the logical IP routing and IP responding to schema? Packets provide info...



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