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Indian travel around and travel and leisure experienced a boom during 2004. There is a surge in arrivals and departures and robust development in home tourism. After growing by simply 15% in 2003, the quantity of incoming arrivals rose by a hefty 22% in 2004 over 2003. Not surprisingly, newly arriving tourism statements also went up sharply can be 16% in 2003 and 32% during 2004. Good government support

The solid support furnished by the government enjoyed an important position in enhancing tourist arrivals. In particular, the Incredible India publicity plan implemented by government during 2002-2004 demonstrated successful in attracting travelers by highlighting the diverse attractions of India. There is also a main improvement in the tourist infrastructure through both equally private and government endeavours. Resurgence in departures

During 2003, departures declined simply by 9%, due to the fact of the stressed situation in the Middle East, which can be the main place to go for Indians, and also the Severe Severe Respiratory Affliction (SARS) problems which detrimentally affected go South East Asian countries. Yet , this drop will be more than compensated to get by developments during 2005, when take-offs are expected to increase by 20%. The rising incomes of affluent and upper-middle-income consumers led to the increasing popularity of holidays in foreign countries and contributed to growth in departures. Regional holiday spirits

Domestic travel is also anticipated to grow robustly in 2004 though to never the same degree as international arrivals and departures. Growing incomes and also improvements in tourist features contributed to the expansion in domestic travel and leisure. Sky battles

The major modifications in our airlines industry had a strong influence about transportation. Powerful competition between private and government-owned providers took the form of reduces in surroundings fares. A serious development was your commencement of operations of India's 1st low-cost no-frills airlines company, Air Deccan, in 2003. With Atmosphere Deccan increasing its network to a nationwide footprint in 2004 and offering suprisingly low fares, competition increased for other providers. This will certainly provide a additional impetus towards the growth of travel and leisure in India. Upbeat hoteliers

Hoteliers are upbeat, because of the surge in arrivals and domestic travel and leisure towards the end of the assessment period, which drove up occupancy prices in well-known hotels in India. The very best Indian motel companies give full attention to luxury hotels nevertheless there is developing realisation in the potential of budget resorts. With growing business potential in southern region Indian towns, the number of accommodations in the southern rose and it is now nearby the number in western India which was traditionally the leader. Required diversification

Whilst travel agents will be profiting from the tourist rate of growth, a number of them think threatened because of cuts in commissions from international airlines. These cuts were determined by flight companies wanting to cut costs and encourage travellers to book directly, specifically through the internet. Hence, various travel agents, unduly dependent on this sort of commissions, making the effort to diversify their operations by giving other travel and leisure services. Glowing prospects

The Tenth 5-year plan (2002-2007) of the govt treats travel and leisure as a significant engine of economic progress and job generation. Underneath the Plan, total resources of Rs29 billion dollars were given towards travel. Given the strong emphasis of the authorities on the promo of travel and leisure and improvement of the visitor infrastructure as well as the vast untapped potential of India as being a destination, there exists little doubt that upcoming prospects pertaining to Indian travel and leisure are glowing. Table of contents




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