Photosynthesis and Cellular Breathing Biology Lab Report

Lab #2: Energy in Cell Digital Lab - Week 3

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1 . What is the importance in the light and dark reactions in the natural photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis functions by absorbing light. Our sunshine gives off strength and the blattgrun from the plant absorb this kind of energy. The energy is then used to separate normal water into hydrogen and oxygen and then they incorporate hydrogen and carbon dioxide for making sugars.

2 . What happens to food energy during photosynthesis? During cellular respiration?

In Photosynthesis light energy along with carbon dioxide are more comfortable with make molecules or (food energy). In Cellular Breathing food energy is divided to form ATP.

3. Why is photosynthesis crucial to you?

Photosynthesis is important because plants, bacterias, and tiny animals make use of photosynthesis to enjoy. Photosynthesis converts light strength into sugars and other proteins which are dependence on the crops, bacteria, and small pets to survive.

four. What are the processes in cellular respiration?

Cell Respiration can be described as process through which cells get energy coming from glucose. Cells are divided into simple food molecules. Cellular Breathing undergoes two processes: Glycolysis and The Krebs Cycle. In Glycolysis nutrients help in chemical reactions that break up oxygen and glucose in different molecules. Pyruvic and 2 molecules of ATP are created during Glycolysis. In the Krebs cycle nine reactions happen. Pyruvic acid is divided and carbon dioxide and energy are given off. This energy is then utilized to create ATP and drinking water.

5. How come photosynthesis and cellular respiration viewed as contributory processes?

They are complementary method because they both require the same elements, water, energy, carbon dioxide, and glucose.

6. Describe the similarities and differences between photosynthesis and cell breathing.

Differences- The natural photosynthesis gives off oxygen while mobile respiration uses oxygen....



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