The Impact of Understaffing on Individual Wellbeing by using an Elderly Proper care Ward in an Acute Medical center

This article of the recent Ombudsman's report on proper care of the elderly inside the NHS was, sadly, not only a shock to my opinion. All the scenarios described had been similar to occurrences I had observed or can easily imagine happening. However contrary to the actual report says, I do not really believe that this can be a universal issue with attitude towards the elderly, yet that it is most, directly or indirectly, to staffing.

The specific situation on my own ward is the one which is mirrored across the trust, and indeed country wide. Low spirits, high tension levels, short tempers and neglected patients most result from the simple fact that we usually do not have enough personnel to provide full and satisfactory care for each of our 26 very dependent people. On a night shift, we have two nurses and two HCAs (unless we can " justify" a 3rd HCA by proving that one or more individuals are very restless and therefore protection will be compromised if they are not really monitored one-on-one). So every single qualified registered nurse is responsible for 13 patients. If one patient becomes seriously sick during the night, and needs constant focus from a trained nurse, the other is usually left with 25 patients. Nobody can argue that this is a safe nurse-to-patient proportion, and yet this can be our norm, is actually deemed because acceptable, and is echoed through the trust. The RCN's rules are that, on an serious adult keep, no Registered Nurse should be accountable for more than five patients on a day shift, and 8-10 on a night time. Californian healthcare professionals went on strike over nurse-to-patient ratios, and were successful in getting legislation passed pertaining to safer staffing requirements levels (one to five). This is not something I can discover happening in britain. There is no appetite for a combat, and even nurses who perform long for change believe that they will " cannot” strike, for fear of compromising patient proper care.

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