The A comparison of Reality Therapy and Existential Theory in Addiction Counselling: The Case of Jack


The Comparison of Truth Therapy and Existential Theory in Craving Counseling: The truth of Jack port

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The case of Jack displays a number of dilemmas faced by addiction advisors; namely, his resistance to treatment and exterior locus of control. Jack not only refuses his need for counseling, but also forbids that his alcohol 2 any fault of his very own. Thus, this kind of paper is going to serve to evaluate and assess two beneficial approaches that emphasize personal responsibility and internal positionnement of control.

First, reality therapy may demonstrate effective with Jack as it frames concerns as goals, and also will not believe in the power of outside makes and the earlier (Miller, 2010). В Jack offers demonstrated a great ability to identify problems, for least, the problems as he defines them. В He identifies the unfairness in the war and his wife's " yelling” in him. В Framed as goals, Jack wants justice in the world and to have a more stable relationship along with his wife. В It is noteworthy that both of Jack's recognized problems illustrate an external positionnement of control; that is, he believes that his difficulties are caused by earlier events through outside makes (ie, the war, his wife, his doctor). В Obviously, Jack can identify and describe his " quality world, ” and quite dissonant via his community as it is. В According to reality theory, this dissonance disallows Jack coming from reaching interior homeostasis (Ingram, 2006), wonderful choice to consume likely comes from an attempt to dull the distress caused by the cacophonie and hence reach a temporary sense of balance. В

The strengths of reality remedy include their ability to simultaneously empower the consumer and also rectify an external positionnement of control. В It is also therapist-led, by least at first, and centers less straight than other theories on sentiment. В Though these kinds of characteristics may be seen as weak points of the theory, they may be beneficial with Plug...

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