Terme conseille and Employee Class

systems will want to use the Week your five project while the kick off point for the lab. Use the directions from the earlier weeks labs to create the project and the folders.

Make a new task named " CIS247_WK4_Lab_LASTNAME". A clear project will then be created. Erase the arrears Program. cs file that is created.

Add the Logic Rate, Presentation Rate, and Utilities folders to your proejct Add the Week 5 task files to the appropraties directories. Update this software information in the ApplicationUtilities. DisplayApplicationInformation method to indicate your name, current lab, and program information.

Note: as an alternative you can start the Week 5 project and produce modifications to the existing task. Remember, there exists a copy of your project inside the zip data file you published for grading.

Before attempting this kind of week's measures ensure that the Week a few project can be error cost-free.

STEP 3: Alter the Employee Class

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Alter the class declaration of the Employee class to specify that the Employee course is a great abstract school Declare a great abstract approach called CalculateNetPay that comes back a dual value. Alter the ToString Method to are the weekly net pay in currency formatting.

STEP 4: Alter the Salaried Class

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Give a double constant called TAX_RATE and set the worthiness to. 73 Implement the CalculateNetPay technique by multiplying the every week pay by tax price.

STEP 5: Change the On an hourly basis Class

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Give a double frequent called TAX_RATE and set the value to. 82 Implement the CalculateNetPay method by spreading the each week pay by the tax price.

STEP 6: Produce the Main Program

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Change the employeeList array to hold two objects

Create 1 Hourly staff object and store it in the array. Create a single Salaried employee object and store that in the mixture. As you performed in the Week 5 laboratory, prompt for and collect the information for each and every of the things.




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