Job Management Pan Europa Food Case Study

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C. Opitz and R. Farrenheit. Bruner

Desk of Items

1 . Executive Summary

2 . Problem Statement

3. Info Analysis

some. Alternative Analysis

5. Essential Decisions Standards

six. Recommendation

7. Action & Implementation Plan

Executive Summary:

The report summarizes Pan-Euorpa Food's capital resource allowance budget for 93 to present to stockholders. The board has presented eleven projects rendering different demands and opportunities to grow the business enterprise. Exhibit 3 of the case analysis presents the project proposed, free cash flow, and statistical analysis in the projects.

Problem Assertion:

Pan Continente europeo Foods is usually facing a volume of issues to be addressed. You can actually sales continue to be flat when net profits decrease. It is because marketing strategy, functional inefficiencies, and minimal organic and natural growth. There are a total of 11 project proposals having a capital investment budget of 80M (euro's). The tasks cover many aspects of the company including new product addition, marketplace expansion, acquisitions, production & distribution advancements, and environmental enhancements. Seeing that ‘winning' the purchase price war, the corporation has dropped stock worth and dipped below the typical multiples of peer companies. It has amasses debt and desires to gain back positive impetus to avoid being a target of any hostile takeover. Data Research:

These problems are evident in Pan Europa's financial declaration over the past 3 years. They have maxed out current market demand and operational issues continue to develop cutting into shrinking margins. The table should consider enlargement of item offerings and organic progress through existing distributors to add new growth in sales. With development operations cost continually increasing despite the significant investment capital built-in the past three years, there is a ought to expand in to new market segments, create new products, and grow sales naturally while bettering production and distribution efficiencies. The monetary data provided shows the past 3 years of Gross sales, net gain, earnings every share, total assets, shareholder's equity and dividends.

Alternatives Analysis:

Based off financial info, ownership and sentiment of investors, and capital project proposed, the decisions which projects to move forward with should create a balance between sales & operations, produce benefit to investors, and create new growth options. The capital investments should be created using long-term growth of products in the current stock portfolio and expert the production and distribution into a scalable unit before taking off into lots of new products and new product market segments. Key Decision Criteria:

The decisions the shareholders have got is whether to improve demand or perhaps increase supply capabilities. Current revenue is usually flat, but solid. An innovative, yet fiscally conservative way is needed to regain profit and revamp product sales in the current and new markets. Shareholders must look into projects that may lower production & division costs, pioneer & maintain competitive border, and what will be a general benefit to Pan Europa, its staff, and its investors.


The first task I would suggest can be an immediate execution of an products on hand control system to improve performance. This new system would be 15M investment which will improve products on hand control, reduce back orders/outages, reduce spoilage, create visibility between ordering/fulfillment, and survey back revenue & CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT much more accurately. Next, two synergistic jobs would be executed; Market Expansion Eastward $20M along with Expansion of the Nuremburg grow $10M. This kind of plant will certainly expand water in bottles, mineral water, and fruit juice outcome along with supporting the ice cream and yogurt in this new Eastward market. This kind of plant is extremely automated and would manage and actually benefit from the increased ability to service these highly profitably markets....



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