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Rizal left Hong Kong aboard of the Oceanic, an American machine on his approach to The japanese which was " The Area of Cherry Blossoms”. He arrived in Yokohama and stayed at for one day time in Grand Hotel. Then he traveled to Tokyo and stayed on the Tokyo Resort. He tied to Juan Perez Caballero after his invites which was as well plotted by the Spaniards to monitor him. He arranged for couple of reasons, first was economizing his bills and the second is that he has nothing to hide from. He appreciated the country yet has something which he despised, it's the Rickshaw transportation. He felt shame in the way that man was being used like a horse. In Japan, Rizal met O-Sei-San who was a daughter of your samurai who owned your local store Rizal sessions. Rizal fell greatly in-love with O-Sei-San that having been tempted to leave the Philippines and settle down in Japan. But because of his duty for the freedom of his fatherland, Rizal left Japan through the ship Belgic which was see the United States.



Through the machine Belgic, Rizal arrived in S . fransisco on April 28, 1888. Even though the Belgic was accepted of having not any Cholera, it had been not authorized to boat dock. The people including Rizal were quarantined. After a week Rizal combined with other top notch passengers were permitted to land. However the Japanese and the Chinese and passengers of the second and thirds course remained aboard. Rizal stayed in the Palace Hotel when he was in San Francisco.

Then Rizal travelled throughout different spots like Oakland to his last stop which was New York City where he slept for three days He left the United States pertaining to Liverpool, London, uk on board the City of Ancient rome, the second largest ship on the globe. Like Asia, he enjoyed America. Nevertheless there is also the one thing that this individual doesn't. It's the lack of accurate liberty and racial equality between the " whites” plus the " blacks”.



This individual lived in Greater london after docking in Liverpool. He stayed there for three reasons, 1st was to improve his knowledge of the English Language, second was to examine and annotate Morga's Sucesos de Todas las Islas Filipinas and previous is that London, uk was a secure place to get him to continue his battle against The spanish language Tyranny. Here in London, Rizal met Gertrude Beckett. This individual and Gertrude found romantic endeavors at each various other. He also met Dr . Rost which has been one of the people that helped him in his analyze in London. This individual received a lot of news via Philippines, a few were good but mainly bad. To increase his analyze of Morga's work, this individual visited Rome, there this individual met with Juan Luna and his wife, Marcelo H. de Pilar, and Mariano Ponce. Rizal provides a lot of functions created in London, he had written some content for the La Fraternidad which was founded by Lopez Jaena. He also composed some to get Dr . Rost. He as well created several sculptures such as the composite designs of the three Beckett sisters. On 03 19, 1889, Rizal kept London.


IN GAY PARIS, 1889 – 90

Following Rizal stayed in London, he moved to Paris. Timely there exists an International Annotation being kept at Paris, france. He fulfilled a lot of families like the Pardo de Taveras, the Venturas as well as the Bousteads where he put in some time with. Rizal fulfilled two attractive ladies, Nellie Boustead and Adelina Boustead which Rizal had a romance with.

Rizal in Paris, france founded two club/group that has been the Kidlat Club plus the Indios Vive. He also had a few projects just like the International Connection of Filipinologist and the structure of a modern Filipino college in Hong Kong in which Mister. Cunanan guaranteed Rizal to give forty thousand pesos since an initial capital.

Rizal got issue with Antonio Luna who thought Rizal was in like with Nellie. They resolved this having a duel. Thankfully everything was cleared away. Rizal also tried to recommended to Adelina but fail because...



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