Rainbows End Management: Advertising Sales Approach

Brief Business Plan draw:frame


Business description

This company is currently in the seedling stage and expects to move swiftly towards growth and profitability. (When nceba buys into it) Target Market

Rainbow Ends management acknowledges an enormous unmet need inside the Kids Party Venue market in the north suburbs. Most potential customers (mothers with school going children) surveyed lately said they were either more than likely or prone to book the venue whether it were obtainable. This portion of the marketplace has great potential which has been untapped by any of the competition in the industry. These kinds of moms will be our primary target audience. They always are driving more than 40km to access host or attend baby's parties. Advertising & Revenue Strategy

Sales of the company's [products, services] will be taken care of by an [internal, external] sales force [or impartial agents/reps]. A great advertising/marketing firm will be appointed to assist with building consciousness, market transmission and advertising and marketing. Competition


" Rainbows End” functions from the get together venue alone. Queries, feedback and concerns are dealt with onsite and promptly. Financial records

By obtaining its product sales targets, " Rainbows End”will position itself for exceptional profitability and self-funded development. The stand below can be described as brief brief summary of the " Rainbows End” Profit and Loss Affirmation for the many years movement 2009-2011. Every figures are expressed in thousands.

Operating Bills

BOND (house/land bought on auction… cheap)



Employee wages - a couple of party assistants

NB. Once off Expenses

Equipment -- Jungle Gyms X2

Trampolines X1

Jumping Castle X2

Water/Ball Slide Nb. Once Off X2

Kiddies Plastic-type Tables And Chairs-50chairs And 8 Tables Parents Benches And Chair 50

Large Sq Tables X4

Table Clothes X5

Urn X1 Huge

Tea Cups And Saucers

Side Plates




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