Promoting Research – Mkt 230 Assignment Ii. Research Project Whizz air Customer Satisfaction

Advertising Research – MKT 230

Assignment 2.


Ryanair customer satisfaction

Attila Szucs

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Issue background and definition3

Research design and data sources (descriptive)4

Sampling design5

Data collection method7

Client satisfaction survey8

Data analysis11




Ryanair is definitely an Irish, 20-year-old worldwide airline operating out of Dublin, Ireland. The company is one of the largest low-cost carrier in United Kingdom and Europe. Ryanair operates scheduled-passenger airline portion short-haul, point-to-point flights. This year, the Company provided more than 1, 500 scheduled short range flights every day serving 150 airports typically throughout The european countries with a great operating fleet of 294 airplane flying about 1, five-hundred routes (Box, Byus, 2007). In the quickly growing and changing, technology and pc centralized aircarrier industry the Ryanair attained significant progress and earnings in the very competitive market, as a result of its low cost business model. Ryanair was one of the first airlines in Europe to look at the cheap model which will aims to offer lower deals, eliminating a lot of comfort and providers that were usually guaranteed (Malighetti, Paleari, & Redondi, 2009). Ryanair today is only an uncomfortable drive. According to Michael Kevin O'Leary, the primary executive police officer of the Irish airline Ryanair: ”people will put up with almost anything for a inexpensive fare, help to make it inexpensive enough, plus they might even experience toilet-free planes” (Warnica, 2011). Problem background and definition


-Ryanair voted Europe's worst flight (Smith, 2012).

-Ryanair, the most hated Western budget airline (Business Insider 2012). -Ryanair voted least popular short-haul airline (Massey, 2012). -Ryanair bottom of consumer satisfaction poll (Keneddy, 2013). -Ryanair boss labeling passenger 'stupid' over boarding pass impose (Smith, 2012). -Ryanair manufactured its devoted customers furious (musicians), they are intended to penalize the company with boycott (Smith, 2012). A lot more than 5500 traveling rated different airlines in a customer satisfaction survey referring to selection variety of classes from verify in procedure to good value (Smith, 2012). According to the newspapers' articles it might be seen which the number of consumer complaints considerably increased mentioning consumer's fulfillment, add-on expenses and poor services such since: one legend ratings intended for baggage allocation, boarding agreements, seat share, food and drinks. Based upon a customer satisfaction survey (563 responses) carried out by consumer magazine, Whizz air achieved simply 34% in overall credit score reaching the 16th place in the table (Massey 2012). In the category of boarding arrangement, baggage allowance, seating allocation and food and drinks the Ryanair achieved only one away of five (Smith, 2012). Various item furnished by Ryanair, just like Kit Kat, a bottle of wine of drinking water or a cup of tea, are maniacally expensive. According to travel superstore, it can be says the cost of 6th basics item is often more expensive than the ticket. Stephen McNamara, the Whizz air spokesman declared that the majority of the client's complain is referring to their extra fees. (for musical instruments, print out the boarding pass, admin cost, web check in fee) Ryanair uses an incredible exchange rate (£1=€1) when the business makes the fees computation (Smith, 2012).

Referring to the summer of 2014, consumers would like to work with Ryanair solutions, but they desire that the air travel will attempt to reorganise and increase the quality of the services to be able to satisfy their loyal people. Research design and style and data sources (descriptive)

A research style is created after the trouble has been defined and the way developed. It is the most important part with the marketing study which provides a structure how the marketing task...

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