Project Title: Superstore Saver

Project Pitch

Team Members:

Principal contact: Wei-Chi (Diana) Chen, email: [email protected] edu Captain christopher Chang, email: [email protected] edu

Arthur Soroken, email: [email protected] edu

Christine Garcia: [email protected] edu


In today's active economy, wherever 24-hour services is a necessary commodity, the technology explosion and the global marketplace have got fueled a frenetic workplace in which the reputation of the stay-at- home 'mom' is a luxury too few of families can pay for. Time is of the substance, a rare will need that is spread thin between work, play and family. That's why each of our project concentrates on a product that will be embraced by time-savvy and the price-aware buyer. We call it the 'Supermarket Saver'. With little time to search and very little time to review prices in different neighborhood grocery stores, buyers will be able to press a button on their PDA, or device of preference, and down load a price assessment list of goods they initially listed on the device. Armed with this info, they'll be capable to choose which will supermarket is right for them. Inspirations and Challenges:

The amount of grocery stores to choose from can be daunting. Location is not really the only aspect. Once there, customers must wade through a myriad of goods, brands, and costs, hoping the fact that product they want will be in stock. Time and effort is squandered. The importance with this problem can not be trivialized. Right now, grocery stores post their specials/sales on flyers and on websites. Our device usually takes it one particular step even more. The PDA queries a database and matches their particular grocery list to things in taking part stores. The can know the best and what stores provide the best prices. This saves the consumer much needed time and gives engaging supermarkets an advantage over the competition.

During each of our research, we all found the same project being developed by Georgia Technology called iShop. Their original device is a PDA which displays a map in the supermarket and the fastest approach to...



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