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The purpose of this paper is to discuss Verwaayen decision-making abilities in leadership role by Alcatel-Lucent. Let me explain in details the manner in which decisions were made, risk factor, and the contribution to business. The decisions managers make whatsoever level in corporate have an extraordinary impact on the growth and wealth of the companies and the interests of employees, buyers, and other stakeholders. Verwaayen resigned from Alcatel-Lucent in 2013 due to poor job functionality.

Ben Verwaayen is actually a Dutch businessman. He managed to graduate from Utrecht University which has a degree in law and international connection in 75. He has been the CEO of Alcatel-Lucent since 2008. Verwaayen was under pressure to help (Alcatel-Lucent) a burdened networking-equipment company to become lucrative again. First of all, I will describe the type of decisions Verwaayen built as CEO. Secondly, Let me publicize the risks and concern made. Additionally, I will clarify what decision-making strategy management used. Finally, I will explicate on the methods I assume Verwaayen contribute company learning at Alcatel-Lucent. Firstly, I will explain the type of decisions Verwaayen built as CEO. On Verwaayen first working day as CEO, he received an email asking him intended for approval to employ a new secretary in a Biskupiec, poland office following 16 business owners had previously agreed. Verwaayen was surprise that business owners had consented to hire an individual they hardly ever met or talked to. He set up a enquete allowing managers to hire their own personnel. This is the first decision that Verwaayen built at Alcatel-Lucent. Decision-making is the process in which managers react to opportunities and pressure by analyzing the options and making decisions about certain company aspirations and courses of actions according to Jones and George page (149) within our textbook. You will find two types of decision-making; developed or...



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