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Organization Studies Coursework Help Sheets

Remember the examiner said your coursework should:

• have a clearly defined purpose expressed within an introductory webpage. • Plainly exhibit an awareness of business activity

• Provide possibilities of business activity

• Provide options for discipline research

• Provide chances for the use of i . t wherever useful • Manage to being evaluated using the tagging criteria below.

*Demonstrate expertise and knowledge of the specified content (10) *Apply your knowledge and critical understanding to problems and issues from both equally familiar and unfamiliar circumstances (10) *Analyse problems, problems and circumstances (15)

*Evaluate, to distinguish among fact and opinion, and assess details from a number of sources (15)

A book entitled ‘How to get an A for Business Studies A Level schoolwork by Philip Sivewright and Anand Lakhani gives plenty of helpful advice. Having been the examiner for three examination boards. This individual marked some work highlighted in the book and described this as " very good”. The work obtained 99 away of one hundred twenty and it took the student a couple weeks from seed to fruition. ( A CHALLENGE FOR YOU! )

Possible Term Allocation

|Introduction – incorporation aim |200 words | |Strategic plan of action (objectives) |100 words | |Description of your research strategies and reasons for choosing these people. |600 words | |Results in relevant section |200 words | |Analysis in relevant section |700 words | |Discussion and analysis ( judgements) |700 words and phrases...



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