Navy Products Officer

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15 May possibly 2006

Navy blue Supplies Official

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The career I are interested in shall be a Naviero Supply Corps Officer. In this report, Let me talk about present and foreseeable future employment, the huge benefits and disadvantages from the work, work qualifications and academic requirements inside the Navy.

Whether it's principal points or sausage, aircraft antennas or aspirin, medical items, Supply Officers ensure that the Navy and its Sailors have the crucial supplies and vehicles needed to successfully complete their missions. Officers in this field provides the inventory, organization, and careful transportation of the components and methods needed by Navy's Sailors, ships, squadrons, submarines, and shore areas across the globe (Gray 1 ). General mother nature of this work is to make certain all supplies are available. Such as if a planes needed a new engine you should have to make certain that it is in stock or perhaps purchase the engine from manufacturers, ship it where it's needed to attain the quest on time. You also would have to perform ship companies, where you give quality foods to the team. Specific duties for this job would be stock control, the stock control division ensures all regimen and essential parts will be avaliable, by office pens to repair parts for weaponry systems. Likewise another task is Deliver Services, Disbursing Division providing you with military shell out and allowances, and Modern aviation Support Section makes sure every aviation parts are available. 1 last section is Material Control, this kind of division provides an array of materials for the ships presently there on. ( Jones 264-265)Some of my own reasons for wishing to be in the navy is really because I grew up being a navy blue kid and I just got used to it. When I saw my dad performing his job I got inerested in it. I also believe that it's

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safer to maintain the Navy blue than becoming in the Military or the Marines. And staying in the Navy also appears to be easier.

Employment opportunities for this task are...



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