My personal Business Supervision and Command Style

Supervision involves getting things performed through other people. Leadership, at its best, means inspiring personnel to achieve challenging goals. Managing style is all about investigating and satisfying the employees' motivational needs.

My primary management design would be democratic. This means I would personally listen to other folks opinions and take them into account, however We would still have the final decision. I actually am available to suggestions in the workplace and wanting to change coverage where required as a result of great suggestions. Problems and their solutions can be obtained via quality circles, which I might use in my organisation. Staying mostly democratic I would employ delegation. This is where my subordinates are vested with jobs. This is a motivator since there is a determination to develop a task effectively.

In my opinion it is important to also be paternalistic and autocratic. I should discuss an interest in the lives of my employees and precisely what is important to these people. They will think you benefit them being a person and not just as a employee. I would reward individuals and give incentives, such as bonuses. This will increase determination and job enrichment. In some areas of business being autocratic is necessary, especially for health and protection reasons of course, if a task must be undertaken more than a strict period of time. Some people often look for a strong leader to tell them what to do.

Overall, I believe the managing style is very important as the employees have a significant impact of the growth of a firm. Each style of management can work effectively in various situations.



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