Letter of advice

It is with great delight that I compose this notification of recommendation intended for Mr. Aaresh Powvalla as he has an indisputable potential and motivation for graduate studies. I have well-known Aaresh since 1996. During his coursework in Department of Electronic Architectural I had a chance to closely connect to him inside the three semesters that I have got taught him. This has confident me that he is extremely genuine in search of his academic excellence.

His last year task (Automated Teller Machine) can be under my own guidance. Whilst discussing the concepts of his task work this individual has been breathtaking. He indicates excellent power to understand technological papers, put into action those tips and operate indefatigably on the modules carried out thus far.

I was associated with Aaresh in the sixth and seventh semesters for Processor II & III Lab Work. His lab-work was disciplined and creditable. This individual has very good command over assembly vocabulary programming for microprocessors and micro-controller.

Academically he's an intelligent and diligent college student, which is plainly reflected in the excellent signifies that he has regularly achieved. He was my college student for the courses in Electronics I actually (Semester III), Microprocessor-II (Semester IV) and presently in Microprocessor-III (Semester VII). I actually imparted the concepts of 8086 as well as peripherals, 80386 and 8051. His functionality in these courses has been remarkable, impressing me with his determination to learn and think innovatively.

Aaresh is a college student of high moral and ethical standards. I know he will you want to all his effort into any job that this individual confronts. By giving him a graduate program in your school you will not only provide him an opportunity for career progress but also help his achievements to culminate. I suggest him intended for graduate research and suitable financial assistance. I feel that his academic skills and prospect of research produce him one of many truly excellent candidates I use come across. Your own...



Summary of Apology Essay

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