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House – everyone demands one. Even though some of us consider house while an investment, you will discover people out there that regards property as their requires, necessity and act as a pet shelter to their friends and family. Abandoned casing project in Malaysia has caused challenges to the customers. Some of them were declared under, and many have to serve and pay towards the financiers however the actual fact that there was not any house on their behalf. Sometimes, that which was left on the so-call " proposed develop land” happen to be few support beams or a whole lot worse still, precisely the same empty terrain they had noticed during placing your signature to the Sales & Obtain Agreement still the same besides now it is stuffed with long lawn. It is indisputable that the Sale and Purchase Arrangement is between your developer as well as the purchaser. The loan to financing the house is definitely between purchaser and investor. There was simply no direct interconnection between both developer and financier, but at the end of the day, failure in providing the house to purchaser causing burden for the purchaser in the sense of repaying the mortgage to the financier. If we would have been to observe some statistics associated with the forgotten, delayed and problematic projects in Malaysia, one can simply conclude that, this is not new issue but it really has happened long time back since the 80's. Table 1: Abandoned real estate project as of May 2012

| Not any of Project| Progress Position

Year| Current| New| Total| Plan| Build| Completed

2009| 144| 4| 148| 87| 46| of sixteen

2010| 133| 13| 146| 50| 60| 36

2011| 110| 6| 116| 22| 62| 32

2012| 84| 10| 94| 16| 58| 20

2009-2012| 144| 33| 177| 16| 58| 15

Table 2: Statistic on delayed and problematic job as of May possibly 2012 simply by state. No| STATE| No Of Postponed Project| No of Difficult project| 1| Perlis| -| 1

2| Kedah| -| 12

3| Pulau Pinang| 3| 9

4| Perak| -| 8

5| Selangor| 26| 84

6| Otoritas Persekutuan| 6| 11

7| Negeri Sembilan| 4| 15

8| Melaka| 3| 6th

9| Johor| 5| 23

10| Pahang| 4| twenty

11| Terengganu| 2| seventeen

12| Kelantan| 1| twenty-three

| Jumlah| 54| 223

KPKT offers defined and categorized the problems project because below: - Delayed Task: Project which has been delayed between 10% to 30% from your schedule.

Sick Project: Job that has been late more than 30% from the routine or Perjanjian Jual Beli has out of date.

Abandoned Project: Project which has been defined to satisfy the criteria below: * Job that has not really been completed within the period stipulated in the Sale and buy Agreement (S& P) as well as the construction performs has consecutively stopped intended for six month. 5. Winding up petition continues to be filed in High Courtroom pursuant to Section 218 Company Act 1996 or * The organization has been set under the Device & Director or 5. The developer failed to continue and create official towards the Pengawal Perumahan; and 5. Endorsed by the Minister of Housing and Local Government pursuant to Section 11 (1) (c) with the Housing Expansion (Control and Licensing) Take action 1966 (Act 118).

Real estate Development (Control & Licensing) Act 1966 and Deal and Purchase Contract (SPA) The goal of Housing and Planning Action is to safeguard the customer from irresponsible housing designer, and not producing the purchaser as the victim. The act can often be called the " consumer-oriented legislation”. Take action 118

" An action to provide pertaining to the control and license of the organization of housing development in Peninsular Malaysia, the protection of the curiosity of the purchasers and for the matters connected therewith. ”

Act 118

" An act to provide for the control and licensing of the business of housing development in Peninsular Malaysia, the...



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