ACAP Scholar ID: 217097

Name: Miguel Martinez

Course: Degree of Counselling



Unit/Module: Facilitate the counselling procedure (CHC8D31V)

Mentor: Karen Mitchell

Assessment Name: Assignment 1- week four

Assessment Number: 1

Term & 12 months: Term two 2013

Phrase Count: 572 (answers only)


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I likewise declare, if this is a practical skills assessment, that a Client/Interviewee Approval Form has become read and signed by simply both parties, and where applicable parental agreement has been acquired.


1 . Describe the purpose of guidance and the range of coaching relationships, which include professional limitations. Counselling permits the counsellor to help her or his client accomplish any personal, long term or perhaps short term goals and to acquire a better comprehension of themselves and the lives. It can help people learn how to deal with any challenges they could face and just how they may handle them. As opposed to counselling a pal, a counsellor must abide by certain approved practices. The practices include strict moral principles just like confidentiality, professional boundaries, as well as the keeping of your notes. The relationship is usually strictly specialist and things like physical ailments etc . must be managed.

2 . Explain to a fresh client the nature of the client-centred approach to counselling. In the client-centred approach I am going to be nearby, helping you to help yourself and making for you a...



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