HRM Individual Task 1

п»їHuman Resource Administration Individual Assignment

Name: Chui Wing Yin Cherry Student No .: 10554678

Cathay Pacific is usually an international banner carrier of Hong Kong, which in turn provide airline's operations incorporate scheduled voyager and cargo services to 168 destinations in 42 countries globally, including codeshares and joint ventures, using a fleet of wide-body aircraft, comprising Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 tools. However the jar has been planning to turn around their fortunes following making a loss inside the first half of 2012. Likewise the carrier face different threats of high fuel costs and hit of vacation cabin crew. The reason behind is mainly because of the external environment affecting the airline market. In the financial aspect, there exists a threat to the airline industry. From the circumstance, the news mentioned that the air travel sector continues to be hurt by simply volatile gas costs and a drop in travel demand amongst a global economic slowdown. The rising of fuel value is due to the inflation problem.. Also global financial slowdown can lead to a decline in demand for atmosphere transport. And the business are more liable not to make use of air freight to transport their particular cargo. The decrease in demand in surroundings transport and rising of fuel cost may lead to Cathay Pacific facing problems of suffering a loss in the coming economical year. This can be a threat for Cathay Pacific as though the company simply cannot overcome the threat it will continue have problems with loss. If perhaps Cathay Pacific continue endure loss, the corporation will put off component to its employees. The employees will probably be afraid of staying fired which will demoralize the company which may be affect the Cathay Pacific's recruiting planning process. Moreover, globalization act as a threat to Cathay Pacific, as there may be an economic linkage of European countries and Asian countries. When there is economic downturn in European countries, it may also affect the economy of Asian countries. And this become a threat to carrier to hold its...

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