Hip hop Lyrics

i get chedduh bEttuh a lot more than u will get one head uhh, ima be ahead of da game ima possess lots of celebrity uhh what am i talkin about im against noncence, ima slice u up like mutton cause u done moved my switches ima set u on ur fatality bead enuff sai... d ima always be gettin dis bread so why u layin there speakin head. Observe More ok yup prepare this moves to regular for me to spit this weighty so u best hop back in ur broke down chevy before my spouse and i leave u in the garnishment im unlike meny i keep me in my engine like kenny u believe i never rap well i have lots more pubs im the dopest native uv seen thus far guy u aint even old enough to sit down front seet in hey momas car so move away from my position ur hip hop was gnar man never hate couse i can harm with the hiphop made your words wack ur sentirse flows just like crap couse tim has returned pulling one other verse frm his hat then i pulled out my personal gat and busted the cap couse i don't sit below and joke man look ur going to choke better drink some coke dont prevoke myself u dont wanna upset a locc man at this point ur lines are broke mine happen to be dope and so dont try and say that my spouse and i bite the moment my rymes are restricted even this kind of late through the night man i recently took air travel now im or her high because that kite Yo mammas lookin like marsh calm jello in yellow sayin hello many other. Bitch! logan u resemble a broke down brook hogan guy i just keep flowen at this point im only show boaten my words of the tune are floatin so logan why do u try to spit u shoulda simply jumped over a dick right now imma bare a show on yer ship therefore better desire u received dips or perhaps... ur gunna get fliped worse then your karate youngster, man logen ur gross grosser then simply most internet marketing the one u dont wanna roast i will get u and the shows host guy my raps just seacoast, yuk u suck guy im finnah leave u in the ruin have u lookin like an ugly duck yup the official logan is lower he became shut- tim.



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