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Fatima Group is one of the most well known company generating industrial products in Pakistan. The company offers pursued conglomerate diversification by expanding in to diverse group of business units. Fatima Group has become contributing inside the growth and development from the industries like Fertilizers, Fabric, Sugar, Energy and other professional commodities. The business has spent immensely in the key groups of the economic system and is reinvesting the profits in big assignments to induce and speed up the economical growth. Fatima Group is definitely producing commercial commodities to discourage increased imports and in return endorsing the foreign trade exercise.


Fatima Group has a varied set of business units which are:

Dependence Weaving Generators Ltd

Reliance Weaving Mills was established in 1990 and it is headquartered in Multan. The corporation is active in the manufacturing of yarn and textile weaving cloth; moreover, it is involved in transferring the linen to the countries like USA, Middle East, China, European countries, Far East and other Asian countries. The corporation has carved a niche to get itself inside the textile industry by diversifying into various kinds of yarn and materials. The company features strictly arranged quality specifications to meet the specifications of export quality fabric; it really is in the ideal position to cater most requirements with an assurance of flawless finish and well-timed delivery from the ordered items to the customers. The corporation has made large investments in putting in the latest technology to produce finest fabric in a cost-effective method.

Fatima Sugar Mills Ltd

Fatima Sugars Mills is another diversified unit of Fatima Group working towards the creation of high-quality refined glucose. The company was established in 1988 financed by the sponsors like NBF, ABL, MCB, UBL and HBL. The organization is also engaged in exporting sugars to the foreign market and return adding to the economical growth simply by bringing in foreign currency. A great emphasis on quality assurance has been produced to each unit of Fatima Group, to be able to the sugar mill; additionally it is ISO-9001 certified. The company has gained competitive advantage through the continuous focus on improvements and the installment of latest production technology.

Fatima Strength Ltd

This kind of business location will be rapidly in operation to fulfill the primary strength need of Fatima Sweets Mills and can further contribute to the national strength sector. Fatima Energy will be capable of manufacturing 100MW of electricity to operate the production center of the sugars mill.

Reliance Commodities Pvt. Ltd

Dependence Commodities was incorporated in 1996 and is a distinguished exporter and importer of business commodities associated with Fatima Fertilizer. The company has its own state-of-the-art utility area at the olive oil installations region in Keamari, Karachi intended for molasses and warehouses intended for fertilizer.

Pakistan Mining Firm Ltd

Fatima Group has pursued backwards integration by simply diversifying in the mining business to mine rock phosphate which is used being a raw materials for the availability of manures; and the parent company offers currently two fertilizer plant life Pakarab and Fatima Fertilizer. This hard work of nearby mining unprocessed trash for the production of mixture fertilizer features reduced the imports dependency.

Pakarab Fertilizer

Since its inception, Pakarab Fertilizer has been the just producer of compound fertilizer. It was created in 1972, in collaboration with National Fertilizer Corporation and International Petroleum Investment Business. In june 2006, it was privatized and obtained by Fatima Group and Arif Habib Group. The new management helped bring tremendous changes in the organization so that to avoid the plant to discharge harmful exhausts.

Fatima Fertilizer

The focus on this report will be on Fatima Fertilizer. Fatima Fertilizer was incorporated in December twenty fourth 2003, while using collaboration of two...

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