Divergent Evolution

Divergent Evolution

Previously there was a nuclear battle that killed over 5billion people on the planet. However as a result of war the human race had Divergent development, which is once two or more types live in several habitats yet come from the same ancestral group. Therefore the people was separated into to very different species. The first types was chosen for a veranderung that allowed them to grow an immunity to the nuclear radiation and they are to be called mutants. For example , out of 100 of those humans simply 12 had been selected to get the changement of rays immunity and because of that that they repopulated amongst each other for quite some time so their offspring could also have this immunity. The radiation might not exactly effect the mutants very much physically but mentally it includes left them with many earthy instincts and violent outbursts. The second varieties lived subterranean so they will could stay away from the radiation they may be to be known as mole people. It all started out with a few people that had amazing hearing also because of that that they survived better underground than people with amazing sight. The folks with hearing problems and amazing sight all died off over the years and were substituted by more people with amazing hearing since they were capable to have more offspring that taken the changement for this kind of amazing experiencing. Also since most people acquired bad visual acuity to begin with a large number of offspring were selected pertaining to horrible eye-sight as well which defined these people as gopher people. In conclusion because of the indivisible war the mutants as well as the mole individuals were created from a common ancestor... human beings.



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