Problems Faced by Non-Native English Loudspeakers to Learn the Sounds of English Letters and How to Get over It

Problems experienced by non-native English audio speakers to learn the sounds of English characters and how to defeat it. (Outline) # Intro:

2. Nowadays, nonnative English loudspeakers families tend to speak within their mother tongue with each others at home. Which makes them mastered their particular first dialect and as they will grow up, they will most likely to be introduced towards English as a second language generally through education. However , because they are not native English speakers, they are very likely to be several learning problems faced when they are to learn the sounds of English letters. The challenging areas are often pronunciation, highlight, grammar, and fluency.

* Discuss the problems confronted mentioned by simply experts. Give general cases. 3-4 content.

# Problem areas:

- Pronunciation (facts from experts, thoughts from self for all areas) > Wrongly learning the pronunciation of English, either by transferring the phonological rules from other mother tongue within their English speech or through implementing approaches similar to those used in primary language acquirement. > Produce innovative pronunciations for English language sounds which cannot be present in the speaker's first terminology. > Model: The Japanese you don't have the sound of ‘r' inside their language. Hence, they have to how to use alternative sound which accessible in their terminology according for their convenience. As they pronounced the sound ‘r', they pronounce ‘l' sound.

- Accent

> Include their particular first vocabulary accent because they speak British. > Solid accent at times makes the guests cannot be familiar with words they are saying. > Strong accentuate could lessen the understanding of some words. > Model: Malay The english language teachers whom use Malay language his or her first vocabulary have the possibility of talking English vocabulary with a strong Malay highlight. - Sentence structure

> Simply cannot understand how the English language really works.

> English...



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