Leadership Factors

Tena Traughber

BUS 690 Strategies in Organizational Leadership

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In taking the Traditional Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire, I was very astonished by my own results. The questionnaire was broken down into four groups which were: 1 . Self-Awareness 17- High

2 . Internalized Moral Perspective 18- High

3. Balanced Finalizing 12- Low

4. Relational Transparency seventeen High

I actually placed my scores beside each pieces as it relates to Authentic Management and if it absolutely was considered Substantial or Low on the presentation guideline. In order to understand what every single component supposed and to bring up it to my leadership ability I had developed to revisit each 1 individually.

1 ) Self-Awareness is the process by which how 1 understands themselves and their activities. I i am very aware about the areas in my personal and professional existence that need improvement thus these can be considered as weaknesses. I am also aware of my strengths and what I would bring to the table in order to succeed on an individual and a team level. Self-Awareness causes you to think over and above the surface and basically causes you to be real with yourself and get to the nitty gritty of you! Out of all the so-called four elements I believe that this one is the rock or perhaps the foundation where the entire genuine leadership is definitely developed after. According to our text when leaders find out themselves and also have a clear impression of who they are and the actual stand for, there is a strong anchor for their decisions and activities (Northouse, 2013). I won a 18 on this component which is deemed high. To be able an authentic innovator I am very self-aware and certain of my decision making abilities through which is in sync with could would have personally rated personally if just simply asked about my personal self-awareness. The words that came to mind were self-confident, assured, organization, and grounded. Knowing that I scored of up to I did I do think that I will certainly continue within my journey to be more aware because there had been a few areas in which I did not strongly consent.

2 . Internalized Moral Perspective is the component that appears to be the peer pressure factor. You are to use your own morals and standards that you were elevated according to versus allowing for outside people or conditions to impact your decision making process. You essentially control the amount of influence a person has on you. This place I obtained the highest in the four since I was often taught to think independently and to help make it decision depending on what I thought was proper and wrong. In this category I believe the accuracy was right on stage. This area can be one I would like to continue to boost in if at all possible. Having a higher score in this area can lead to whether or not your team can trust you and will certainly stand behind you to produce the results you wish of them. In the event you stand for everything you believe in which is not very easily swayed by others you are going to gain value thus a loyal following. 3. Well-balanced Processing is a personal problem for me. My spouse and i scored a 12 in this area which is regarded low. This kind of factor can be described as person's capability you check out, accept, and contemplate other's opinion before making a decision. I will listen to someone's opinion but that is as far as I will go. All advice is usually not necessarily good advice. Therefore , I am always very mindful when it comes to others suggesting i should or perhaps should not help to make a certain decision. I challenge the statement in our text that says that market leaders with stability processing are noticed as real because they are available about their own perspectives, tend to be also objective in taking into consideration other's perspective( Northouse, 2013). I differ because you can be viewed as traditional without being target. I personally a new Senior Administrator that was far off the mark with his opinions and did not at any time consider what his management group suggested, nevertheless his steadfast beliefs and actions confident me that he was genuinely being an real transparent head. 4. Relational Transparency is...

References: Northouse, P. (2013). Leadership theory and practice (6th male impotence. ). 1000 Oaks, LOS ANGELES: Sage Journals.



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