Christianity, Judaism, Islam Overview


Christianity is concentrated around an exceptional amount of fundamental values. These beliefs are all found in the holy book; there is just one God (Isaiah 43: 15, John seventeen: 3), Goodness is omniscient (Acts 12-15: 18, David 3: 20), God is definitely holy (Peter 1: 15), God is definitely love, true, spirit (John 4: eight, Romans several: 4, Steve 4: 24). Since the Bible makes it generously clear there is only one true God plus the multitude of gods created by man are idols, then there is only one acceptable doctrine of God. The deity of Christianity has always been identified as three persons in a single divine Godhead, as Father, Son, and Holy Nature. The three wonderful Christian creeds explain this. There are many misguided beliefs on what are the results when you pass away, some declare good persons go to bliss and bad people head to hell (what makes you good or bad? ), others believe that right after death you go into a condition called " soul sleep”. Based on the particular bible says, Christians usually do not believe in an " after-life". They believe that once you die, the soul would go to heaven, after which, if you've recognized Jesus with your heart, you will live on permanently in heaven. But if get denied Christ, you will not be welcomed into his kingdom and may stay in heck for everlasting. They believe that God's kingdom is real wonder. They have streets made from gold, you will not ever go famished, there is no sickness, and all you already know of is joy. So rather great people gonna heaven and bad likely to hell, your final destination is dependent on whether you accept or perhaps deny Christ. The bible is the only book of worship for Christians. Many Christians meet in churches, but recently a new gimmick has taken over, church within a movie theater. The neighborhood leaders of the churches would be the priests. Priests conduct masses, confirmations, baptisms, etc . Priests are not the sole leaders in the church; there exists a whole Christian leadership hierarchy. First may be the Pope, then a Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and lastly the Laity. Christians believe that the...



Summary of Apology Essay

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