Example on Bravos de Zambeze

" Bravos do Zambeze”

A Case Study Research on the Make use of Drama

to get Development

Bundac, Karina Mao-len S.

Valenzuela, Eva Joyce S.


Nov 26, 2013


An instance Study Analysis on the Utilization of Drama to get Development published in part fulfillment with the requirements in Radio Theatre and Documentary under Ma'am Ma. Teresita B. Osalla, 2nd Semester AY 2013-2014. A. Name of the Communication Project/ or the Drama Program

The project, Bravos do Zambeze (Zambezi Braves), contained a 26-episode radio drama. It was produced in two (2) local languages, Portugese and Sena, that have been most commonly used in the coverage place.

It was started and financed by the Worldwide Organization to get Migration within the United Nations Delivering as One Joint Programme about Disaster Risk Reduction. It had been implemented and produced by the Community Media intended for Development (CMFD) Productions.

B. Locale/Community In which the Communication Task was Applied

The job was executed at the community villages inside the Zambezi Riv floodplain, particularly in the pays of Tete, Zambezia, and Sofala in Mozambique. Those places had been prone to natural disasters.

C. Problem in the Community Addressed by the Drama Program

The problems confronted by the Community within Zambezi River floodplain are the normal disasters that happened since 2000. The folks in the neighborhoods experienced three severe surges which broken many lives. The infrastructure is poor and several neighborhoods were remote. The community identified the situation more challenging to solve by some problems such as environment change, ethnic perceptions, lack of education, and gender inequalities. This has been a difficult challenge intended for the organizations, agencies and government to cater the needs of those affected persons as well as help them solve these concerns.

Through Bravos do Zambeze, a car radio drama plan, listeners will probably be informed for the climate change adaptation measures such as devastation preparedness, rural housing building and culture. This will cause increased food security, improvement of produces, and decreased poverty in the community.

D. Target and Targets of the Drama Program

To increase awareness of the typical populace, residential areas, government and policymakers about the decrease of catastrophe risk and adaptation of climate alter, a two-seasonal radio drama was produced. To build their capacity in reporting, car radio journalists were invited into a week-long participatory workshop about natural unfortunate occurances and climate change. Areas living within the vicinity of the Zambezi ton plain were encouraged as a solution to events and modify measures to safeguard their homes, farms, and livelihoods. Aside from disaster preparedness, the program also looked into gender-related issues such as the violence, decision-making and problems women confronted in re-establishing their regimens.

E. Different Communication Tactics and/or Methods Implemented In Support of the Drama Program

Community Media for Development Productions (CMDP) applied participatory procedure. The tales narrated in the drama had been from the authentic stories from the citizens afflicted with the surging in Zambezi.

The stories were formed through research. Heroes, details, and language were clarified in a focus group discussion. Stars were allowed to provide responses on the drama. The task was a collaborative work without a doubt. The task was took part by the CMDP with the help of group journalists and NGO associates that offered various issues related to all-natural disasters.

Feedbacks were from the local stakeholders such as govt, NGOs and media which will gave accuracy of the portrayal in the drama.

On the other hand, guests gave all their participation by listening and interesting with the a radio station drama as well as calling in to their stereo for logic and additional...



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