Billy Elliot

Though Billy's your life was incredibly difficult, Billy succeeded and ended up being a winner simply by playing the lead role in one of the most well-known play known as " swan lake". The key reasons for Billy's success had been his self-reliance, talent, staying open-minded and especially his recreation teacher. In the event that Billy failed to have some of them he would have never succeeded.

There was many harsh circumstances that Billy were required to face during his quest to become a specialist ballet dancer. One of them was your death of his mother, Billy experienced no support form his family before the end with the film. Billy was very close to his mother and the letter that Billy browse to Ms Wilkinson confirmed that the lady loved Billy very much. Billy just being himself, just like his mother wrote to him in the letter, was a key factor in his ability to endure the harsh instances. It's not really the only Billy's characteristics which will helps him. Another important attribute is that Billy was incredibly gutsy.

Billy's ability to take a step that is different and not feel ashamed but to truly feel proud can be amazing. With the first moments Billy gets asked for taking the tips to Mrs Wilkinson who may be teaching entracte in the various other room, though that entracte is a girls sport and he sees that his father would prohibit him, this individual still connects to the class. The moment Billys father Jackie finds out, Billy takes on him and tells him that entracte is not just pertaining to " poofs", and that he enjoys doing it. An additional characteristic can be Billy's dedication.

No matter what, Billy never collapses. At one particular point in the film once Billy's father catches him in the recreation class this individual forbids him to continue, Tony ends in prison because of the hit and Billy misses his audition towards the royal senior high of entracte school. Most hope is usually lost but Billy will not stop presently there. He methods so much and gets delicious that he convinces his father to let him head to London to audition at the school. And also his perseverance another important characteristic is Mrs Wilkinson...



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