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Frog Aerobic


Special Electrical Properties of Heart failure Muscle:

Automaticity and Rhythmicity

1 . Specify the following conditions.

automaticity: Capacity to depolarize automatically in the a shortage of external activation. rhythmicity: Depolarization/repolarization events occur in a regular and continuous method. 2 . Discuss the anatomical differences among frog and human minds. The frog heart contains a single ventricle and two atria. Dorsally there is an expanded place called the sinus venosus. The human center has two atria and two ventricles. No sinus venosus is present.

3. Which will region in the dissected frog heart got the highest inbuilt rate of contraction? Sinusitis venosus The best automaticity? Nose venosus

The greatest regularity or rhythmicity? Nose venosus

Just how do these houses correlate while using

duties of your pacemaker? The human pacemaker (SA node) features automaticity, rhythmicity, and the top depolarization price in the center.

Is this region the pacemaker of the frog heart? Certainly

Which place had the cheapest intrinsic charge of shrinkage? Ventricle

Examining the Refractory Period of Heart failure Muscle

some. Define extrasystole. An extra beat occurring prior to the time a regular contraction would occur. a few. Respond to the following questions in case you used a physiograph. What was the effect of stimulation of the heart during ventricular compression? No effect. During ventricular relaxation (first portion)? Extrasystole. During the stop interval? No effect.

How much does this indicate about the refractory period of cardiac muscle? Much longer than that of bone muscle.


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