A number of Words on Animal Farm—Characters and Vocabulary

A Few Words and phrases on Pet Farm—Characters and Language

Abstract: We can judge one's character and morals through words that he uses. This paper proceeds from figure language and analyzes thoughts of main characters. Key phrases: characters terminology Animal Farm Napoleon Snowball Characters & Language:

Persons usually consider the old significant a metaphor of the great man Lenin. I want to present my look at that it can easily reflect all the Chinese revolution pioneers throughout the Republic of China period. If there was no older major who have reminded pets of better upcoming, I bet all the pets will live that challenging life all their lives. Exactly like our China people in many past lignage, they don't think of revolution unless there is no meals at all. Older major presented his gorgeous dream " we animals are siblings, large or perhaps small , clever or straightforward, fur or feathers, at this point and forever, all pets or animals are similar. ' And it had not been realized. Therefore , there is not someone who can stand much temptations and there are many dissolute and bad emperors. The animal plantation in the mythic is too pretty to procedure. Snowball is likewise a typical role. Someone may think if snowball stayed, he could take action. I suppose that even if snowball built up the windmill, so what on earth? That absolute power result in absolute problem is a regulation. Even if snowball died pertaining to his people at last being a good comrade, so what? One of Japanese presidents announced that a great king is a biggest opponent to democracy. I just view snowball as a sacrificed main character. Boxer is a role persons sigh to for very long perhaps due to his diligence. This is two of his phrases: I will function harder.

Comrade Napoleon is usually right.

These two words arrived up for 6th times inside the novel since his beliefs about job. Grammatically speaking, word ‘will' carries very much sense of subjectivity when it express future tense. Therefore we can understand the sentence as Boxer's guarantee. Word " harder” appears sincerer by utilizing comparative level. Boxer was full of...



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