A Case Analysis of the Management Actions for Sunflower Integrated

Sunflower Management Circumstance Analysis

An instance Analysis with the Management Activities at Sunflower Incorporated

Research of Sunflower Inc.:

Sunflower Inc. is a huge distribution firm with over 5000 personnel that capabilities as a paperwork, which needs to formalize their pricing and purchasing practices. The organization purchases and distributes snack foods to stores across United states. Sunflower provides one business office plus the company is usually divided into twenty two regions. Every single region works as an autonomous small enterprise, which consists of its own management. According to Daft (2007), " …small firms will be characterized by emphasis on being quickly and flexible in responding to the environment” (p. 324). Though Sunflower likes to use the small enterprise approach to increase profits—the business as a whole is usually ill-equipped to respond to environmental and marketplace shifts, as well as some little companies. This can be evident by company's inability to stay competitive. Addition, the business is struggling because it has not focused on increasing its technology.. Its primary focus or concern can be optimization, raising profits and standardizing organization functions. While organizations needs to be concerned about their bottom-line—it also need to focus on flexibility, innovation and technology. These types of components would be the accurate essence of a true corporation. However , organizational size is not the primary concern for Sunflower but rather how you can simultaneously function as both a sizable and small company.

Joe Steelman, Sunflower's chief executive understood the company necessary some restructuring if it was going to survive in the then market place. And Sunflower Inc. has hit the formalization level in its company life routine, hence the implementation of a standardized monetary reporting system. Drat identifies the formalization stage since the installation and make use of rules, methods, and control systems (p. 328). In addition , while building...



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