A+ Assessment Chapter 14

п»їChapter 14

1 . What test truly does startup THE BIOS perform when you turn on a computer to check it can communicate with essential equipment devices?

Power-On Personal Test

installment payments on your Where is the partition stand on a harddrive found?

On the C: drive

3. May be the BootMgr data file stored in the boot canton or the system partition? Program partition

4. Wherever is the master boot record (MBR) located?

Inside the first sector of the hard disk

5. What is the name of the Windows 7 boot loader plan? Where is definitely the program located? WinLoad. exe, and it is situated in C: \Windows\System32

six. What is the Windows several kernel software?

Ntoskrnl. exe

7. What is the name of the program that deals with Windows logon? Login. exe

8. Which in turn registry hive is filled first during Windows startup company? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Services.

9. In which does House windows store device driver data?

C: \Windows\System32 or C: \Windows\System32\Drivers and have an. exe,. dll, or. sys file extension. twelve. During House windows 7 new venture, how can you find out when the Home windows kernel offers loaded successfully? When the Windows Logo in start up features fully packed

11. Green screen errors happen once which type of processes come across an error? The moment processes are running in nucleus mode.

12. What method do you need to test storage on a Windows XP system utilizing the Windows 7 Memory Analysis tool and never have to install Glass windows 7 on the system? Checkdsk/r command

13. What is the command to use the System Data file Checker to immediately confirm system documents? To verify system data on the up coming restart? sfc/scannow

14. Which in turn key do you press to launch the Advanced Start Options window during Home windows startup? F10

15. A blue screen error halts the system whilst it is booting, and the booting starts in an endless cycle of restarts. How can you fix this problem using the Advanced Start Options screen? Start home windows in Secure Mode

16. What can you suppose about the Windows several startup when you see the House windows 7 flag on-screen?...



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