An Examination of the Affect Watergate Scandal in American Contemporary society and Politics

Politics are considered by various to be corrupt. Various believe this

out of cynicism but other extra trusting observers is only going to believe this if

they have proof. A number of these trusting observers finally received the

proof they had a need to end up being convinced that politics will be corrupt. On June 17,

1972 during the presidential marketing campaign, Washington, D.C. law enforcement arrested

seven burglars at the Watergate Resort who were involved with a political

scandal which would dramatically influence politics for a long time to come. The

Watergate Scandal has brought on a cloud of distrust to hover over politics and

has been the direct cause of some political reforms which were

consequences caused by violations of particular constitutional laws.

The Watergate Scandal manifested on June 17, 1972, when seven

employees of the Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) were arrested

breaking into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters in the

Watergate Hotel. (Watergate Scandal 1) Rigtht after their arrest

many observers thought that these workers of CREEP had been breaking into the

Democratic National Committee's headquarters for the very first time. In fact