An Intro to the Threat of Asteroids



The universe is definitely a shooting gallery and earth may be the bullseye. The earth is

always under threat of a doomesday asteroid which will get rid of civilization.

There are over one thousand asteroids vacationing toward earth and just three

quarters are accounted for. Where will be the other one forth? No-one knows because

the government doesn't fund NASA astrologists more than enough to covers the astroids. Just

one impact could end civilization as we realize it. Irrespective of where it hits

everything would die, even bacteria. To provide an estimate just how much is spent on

asteroid detection. It is stated to be significantly less than the cost to use a single

McDonald's franchise. Total disaster would appear irrespective of where the asteroid

hit. Land, sea it doesn't matter. Ocean affect would create several things.

First, a Tsunami(tidal wave) will be created on influence. The wave would be

hundreds for feet high traveling a huge selection of miles per hour. It could start to

slow down crashing ashore through all coastal town. Then, finally wash up