A Literary Research of the Ice Storm by Ang Lee

The Ice Storm: A Bit Also Nippy For Me

The Ice Storm, directed by Ang Lee, comes after the lives of two usual families in their struggle with the other person for take pleasure in and acceptance. Through scenes of aspect and invisible symbolism, Lee captures the quintessence of middle-category suburbia in the seventies. Both families, the Hoods and the Carvers, cant be defined by any word apart from dysfunctional. Benjamin Hood and his wife Elena own a fairly poor relationship and seldom talk to their kids, Paul and Wendy. One evening Ben and Elena visit the Carvers for supper.

During dinner

at the Carvers home, we are presented to Janey Carver, her

constantly traveling partner Jim, and their two sons, Mikey and

Sandy. The parents sit and eat while Mikey and Sandy hang on on their

every need to have. While pouring one glass of water, Mikey accidentally spills

on Benjamins lap and Janey right away commences to mop it up. Here we

get our earliest glimpse of the appeal between Janey Carver and

Benjamin Hood. A few moments later we get out that Janey and Ben are

actually having an affair, the first of all indication that sex in this story

only occurs beyond marriage.

While the

parents of the family group conceal their sexual escapades from the other person and

pretend to operate normally, the kids in both families also

interact with one another. As the innocent Wendy appears to be

interested in the old brother of the Carver family members, Mikey, she also

has various sexual encounters with the many younger Sandy. In a single

instance Wendy