A Brief Background of The CENTURY War

Brief Overview of The CENTURY War

How long did the CENTURY War last? The remedy is truly a surprising 116 years. The CENTURY war may be the name directed at the group of on and off warfare fought between your kings of England and France, from 1337 to 1453. The war contains sieges, raids, ocean and land battles, and long intervals truce ("CENTURY War", 222). The war shaped what sort of time frame ended and just how western European countries looks today. The incidents of the CENTURY War created a framework for just how we go through the Middle Ages.

A major reason behind this outbreak of struggle was the challenge over Flanders, an industrial center of northern European countries. The counts of Flanders had been vassals to the king of France, however the English noticed Flanders as their important center of foreign trade because of its cloth produce. This caused fighting between your two countries to begin with. The English also controlled southern France after Eleanor of Aquitaine wedded King Henry II in the mid-12th century. So, the French allied the Scots to control a northern stronghold, known as the "Auld Alliance". The two countries likewise fought over control of the English Channel and the North Sea. Most of these forces caused the lengthy war to begin (Nelson).

The Hundred Years War is split up into three levels or phases. The primary lasted until the signature of the Treaty of Bretigny in 1360 (1337-1360). The second period lasted from 1360-1413 when Henry V